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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 by Talha Masood

One stance of time, you are at zero.

The other you are at infinite.

And in a split of a second, you are back to the pits of the abyss.

He had done it with his studies, his jobs, his friends, his ideas, his education, his smiles, his emotions, his own self.

His greatest fear...was he doing the same with his God!

Sometimes he believed that practically speaking he was a comfortably numb nihilist.

But in the deepest isolation, sometimes, he prayed.

So, maybe not?


Saturday, February 24, 2007 by Talha Masood

Iqbal defined the company of good people as "Noor o huzoor o saroor".

He was right.

You can never tell where the impact of a good company, a good teacher ends.

I learned a bit of believing.

But somehow, I have started believing in learning!

“No” Sense

The past is just a memory

The future is not a destination

The present is not a gift

Time is, but a puzzle

“Nowhere” is a good place to be

And “nobody” is a good company

Everywhere, there is a bit of nowhere

And everyone has one’s own nobody

The abundance of nothingness, beauty

The limit of nothingness, infinite

And when something comes, filling me

A strange feeling comes, killing me

I run to nowhere, I become nobody

I spread everywhere, I become infinite

To you, you and you.

Enjoy the blissful life!


Friday, February 23, 2007 by Talha Masood

I have always believed that creativity and simplicity MUST come hand-in-hand.

And here are some samples I liked.


Thursday, February 15, 2007 by Talha Masood

Bazeecha-e-atfaal hai duniya mere agai

Dil hi to hai, na sang-o-khisht

Ghalib-e-khasta kai baghair,Konsai kaam band hain

Kehtei hain kai Ghalib ka hai andaz-e-bayaan aur

True, true, true...

Death anniversary of Ghalib today!


Happy B'day...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 by Talha Masood

فيض احمد فيض

You might like to watch Ptv tonight at 9:30 pm!


by Talha Masood

Now at the turning point of your career and life, I hope you go back in time and realize that things can never be as bad or as good as you want them to be, or to the extent you perceive them.

I hope you DO realize:

  • that hope should still be your binding force, not your blinding farce.
  • that you do realize that pessimism can only be washed away by that force, and it must be.
  • that there is a control to the control that is dawned to you that which is not really allowed.
  • that the reconciliation of life and every cheap literature is not a mere must.
  • I hope you do realize, Bond, that after when God quantized everything ... (in certain ways) the world is really enough! That NOTHING is as important as the life, this life!

P.S. Bond - dear - I really like yours Casino Royale. Because the more I prayed, and the more Flemming wrote ... your beginning [in practice] was neither in your beginning, and it's certainly not your end.


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