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Since everyone is talking about her, being a blabber, so must I.

I agree, I have had no interest in Pakistani politics since as long as I remember and the only thing that interested me in elections was election transmission on Ptv.

I must also shamefully agree that I didn't care much about the two time Prime Minister of Pakistan and the 2nd most influential woman of the world.

But since I must rant, so I must.

It's so interesting that of all the things, now that she is no more. I can only relate personally about her on two grounds.

1) How my family and friends made fun of her for speaking Urdu in such a broken accent. It does sadden me when people criticize and abuse her verbally on this albeit it being a fact that the father of our Nation couldn't even speak Urdu.

2) I remember her son was a class-fellow of my brother about a good 10 years ago in a school in Islamabad. Incidentally Bilawal and my Brother share a common birthday. I remember she inviting over all his class-fellows over for a party at the Prime Minister's house at his birthday. Tells a lot of how high she thought of people.

I don't know, I am not making any sense here.

But albeit the controversies and table-talks people have to offer on her and her families unfortunate calamities. She must have been a kind human somewhere. That is why I, of all the people, am praying for her and her kids.

May she R.I.P.




  1. Anonymous Asma Says:

    someone is back .. yay :D