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Love is in the air...

You know what they say about love.

Peter Parker used to say to his loved one "When I look into your eyes, I feel stronger and weaker at the same time".

It's true. Love does come as energy. It strengthens you when you are weak, it makes you crave for it and in the lust you start doing crazy stuff. It is addictive. It gives you an adrenaline rush. It surrounds you and then it encapsulates you in its aroma until you and it are one, and there's no turning back, you're doped to fullest.

It's a fact, I'm in love.

I love you, Nescafe!

“Love is in the air...”

  1. Blogger @sM@ Says:

    I'm deeply in love and ur Nescafe' can go to Hell :)

  2. Blogger Talha Masood Says:


    Blasphemy :D

    Bandar kia janai adrak ka sawad. You're a tea drinker, how would you know what heaven is coffee :)

  3. Blogger bohat ajeeb Says:

    It's so true!
    Love with nescafe is exactly like that!

  4. Anonymous Fauzan Says:

    Forget Nescafe... try Davidoff Coffee! :D

  5. Blogger Talha Masood Says:

    @Bohot Ajeeb,

    Let's see if your love for Nescafe remains the same after 19th


  6. Blogger Barooq Says:

    Haven't heard from you since long.
    Drop a line someday darling.

  7. Blogger @sM@ Says:

    rofl @ drling ...!

    Nay Im finishing off my office's coffee stock by putting in two spoonfuls in each of my tea cuppa :P

    So I know I know I know :P