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Now at the turning point of your career and life, I hope you go back in time and realize that things can never be as bad or as good as you want them to be, or to the extent you perceive them.

I hope you DO realize:

  • that hope should still be your binding force, not your blinding farce.
  • that you do realize that pessimism can only be washed away by that force, and it must be.
  • that there is a control to the control that is dawned to you that which is not really allowed.
  • that the reconciliation of life and every cheap literature is not a mere must.
  • I hope you do realize, Bond, that after when God quantized everything ... (in certain ways) the world is really enough! That NOTHING is as important as the life, this life!

P.S. Bond - dear - I really like yours Casino Royale. Because the more I prayed, and the more Flemming wrote ... your beginning [in practice] was neither in your beginning, and it's certainly not your end.