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Decaffeinated coffee...

The most moronic oxymoron I've ever come up with!

“Decaffeinated coffee...”

  1. Blogger Fatima K. Says:

    Assalam o alaikum, I guess it's made for people with heart problems who cannot have much caffeine but are used to both coffee and its taste from their days of better health.
    Having said that, Ami still insists on calling decaffeinated coffee, "be-kaif coffee" when I suggest she have that instead of the regular one. May Allah Make old age smooth and joyous for all parents, Ameen.

  2. Blogger @sM@ Says:

    "Be-Kaif Coffee"

    Rightly put fatima :-)

    Though Im not a coffee drinker by-choice, still that counter in malls grasp my attention the most :)

  3. Blogger Ubeee Says:

    i tried it once it's really good !!