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Some of us would rely blindly on "T9" on their mobiles.

And sometimes it makes us end in some shameful situations.

Here are some cases that happened with me and the words that have the same T9 combinations

  1. "Movies" and "Mother"
  2. "Happily" and "Harshly"
  3. "Selected" and "Rejected"

So, do you have any embarrassing enlightening moments about T9 to share?


  1. Blogger John Says:

    Yeh well there is one. I call my older sister apa, which in T9 is 'Bra' for all the apparent reasons. So you can imagine when i texted my mum, 'is bra with you?' after not being able to contact my sister on her cell! FUNNY!

  2. Blogger Talha Masood Says:

    OMG OMG...