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Of morality, mystique, mating and mere mortals...

On size, fits all.

Men wear me push-on, women wear me pull-in-inside.

I come in different flavors too for all those whose thirst doesn't get quenched by the basic fun, utility, catharsis, discharge...

I am used, abused, sometimes distilled and then reused(albeit it being not recommended).

I give you ecstasy, fun, salvation...

And I remain,



P.S. Look what you made me look like - you human, you being.

Shame on you!!!

“Of morality, mystique, mating and mere mortals...”

  1. Blogger @sM@ Says:

    how true :\

    From one angle it looks as it should be and from another life is opposite !

  2. Blogger Barooq Says:

    Lost me again.
    You've made a habit of being so so deep :S

    Do drop a line.
    Its good, no matter how much you dislike me, you can't say that you do as I aint givin you the excuse for times to come:D

  3. Blogger Talha Masood Says:


    Of all the people, you should know that I am the most superficial around. And I am consistent about it, so it's not deep. Deep shit, maybe.


    Be it, I don't care!