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Distraction, what-ever.

It was always about that. It's second to nothing but confusion, chaos.

To kill the mockingbird, to break the fucking monotony (1984) style.

Even Your heaven was unable to catch my attention for long enough.

The apple, wheat, knowledge, sin, enlightenment, illusion, what-ever - did eventually have to get me for all it's worthlessness.

Temptation always shoved up mine...

Anyhow, monotony does kill. Aristotle can go to hell for all I care.

Everything became a tempting monotony for me.

Yes, even You, God.

Or maybe not...no, no, no... not You.

That can't be. You have been there since the very beginning, even before the very beginning. I can be your distraction but you for me, Never. It's more illogical than blasphemous a thought. But logic is itself at flaw, or is it a flaw itself. If I wasn't the man who defies reading for the fact that he believes in experience more or who gets all lust and love in life from laziness( either of two, whatever) I would have read the critique of pure reason. But then wouldn't laziness be the best critique of reason? Not in defense, but otherwise. It's like reading the book "In pursuit of happiness" or watching the movie "The pursuit of happiness" to be happy. Life can become ironic to the odd extreme of hypocrisy.

Interesting. No?

Who cares.

This distraction ends here. This is not a lecture. It's just plain old useless ranting!!!

Ina lillah he wa ina ilayhi rajioon!!!


  1. Anonymous Phil Says:

    Logic sucks! Honestly, like you mentioned, there are a few things best kept away from logic and logicians. Because it is they who cannot understand those few things.