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Iqbal defined the company of good people as "Noor o huzoor o saroor".

He was right.

You can never tell where the impact of a good company, a good teacher ends.

I learned a bit of believing.

But somehow, I have started believing in learning!

“No” Sense

The past is just a memory

The future is not a destination

The present is not a gift

Time is, but a puzzle

“Nowhere” is a good place to be

And “nobody” is a good company

Everywhere, there is a bit of nowhere

And everyone has one’s own nobody

The abundance of nothingness, beauty

The limit of nothingness, infinite

And when something comes, filling me

A strange feeling comes, killing me

I run to nowhere, I become nobody

I spread everywhere, I become infinite

To you, you and you.

Enjoy the blissful life!