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Dumb, mute, deaf and with a strange stamp on top of his heart.

He was locked in solitude in his transparent cell, with nothing but a marker in his hand.

He was continuously scribbling


on every place visible and possible.

The people passing by had different opinions about the guy.

Some said that he is a blatant and addictive sinner and that he is writing "Sin is in" and then very ceremoniously advertising himself by writing "I".

While, others had a somewhat different opinion. They were of the opinion that he is just a habitual sinner and that he is writing "I Sin". Just reminding himself of his wonted, addictive duties.

While others had a 180 degree out of phase opinion about his actions. They said that he is writing "I Sin" to repent on his sins.







In reality, his name was "Inis".



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