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The butterfly "effect"....

Sushmita Sen will be naming her autobiography "The Butterlfy".

I can't wait to get my hands on the butterfly, wonder when will it be in my reach.

Not that I am an avid reader of books, but Sushmita Sen is, after-all, Sushmita Sen.

“The butterfly "effect"....”

  1. Anonymous Asma Says:

    talha masood ... is it talha masood's philosophical journey towards ... umm ... sush baby :P

    rock on but wait-a-min whats there about her that you don't know or you desperately wanna know, eh??

  2. Anonymous Faiz Says:

    no offence.. but 'Butterfly Effect' was what made me come to this post! Sush does not excite me much :p

  3. Blogger Talha Masood Says:


    There's this article in today's The News newspaper on this, check it out.


    No worries man, it's a plain old blog, I am okay with the concept that most of the people on earth wouldn't find me and my interests exciting.

  4. Blogger Malaika Says:

    i didnt even know she was writting an autobiography! wow i'd like to read that! when will it be published?

  5. Blogger Hira Says:

    she's just an actress..whats the bigii??

  6. Anonymous Faiz Says:

    Dear Talha .. I am okay with the concept that most of the people on earth wouldn't find me and my interests exciting. This quote of urs is interesting cuz it states "I am okay".. thats what counts so dont worry about others interest in you. Consider this... (this is an advertisment but dont think like that :p) I have interests of Astronomy, Egyptology, ancient civilizations and cars .. sounds interesting enough eh?! well.. I have yet to find a person who matches my interests... and I have very few friends :p and I am OK with that!

    That is what counts :)