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An apple a day, keeps the heaven away...

Things are never
As they seem to be
As they used to be
Life becomes
As you want it to be

But I
Justify my laziness
With anarchy
And chaos
And mysteries

But that's okay
As my life is mine
And my decisions
Along-with their repercussions
Are solely mine too

You slay-ed your son
And presented the fiery to me
I ate it
Became the apple of your eye
Got stuck in your throat

Update: yup, it's my effort in wasting time. And the theme conflicts itself at places so it doesn't make any sense. It's NOT blasphemous and is NOT referring to Christ being son of God, I am NOT a Christian.

“An apple a day, keeps the heaven away...”

  1. Blogger Malaika Says:

    nice!! did you write it?

  2. Anonymous Asma Says: