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Yesterday night when I was coming out of Jehangir Restaurant, a colleague of mine asked me whether I have seen Shoib Mansoor. I replied that the last time I saw him was about a decade ago in Jinnah Super market. He said "There he is".

I went and patted him Shoaib Mansoor on his back. He turned around.

I said in awe "Shoab Sahab?"

He replied affirmatively.

I was totally high with excitement and in that anxiety I somehow managed to ask him when will his movie "Khuda Kai Liyee" be released in Islamabad/Pindi, because my friends all over Pakistan have watched it and I feel left behind.

He replied that it will be up on PAF cinema starting from 27th.

He was there with his son, what a humble man!!!


  1. Anonymous Asma Says:

    oye hoye kiya baat hay aapki ... mr in awe :P

  2. Anonymous Phil Says:

    lets call him for a session of tea!? What you say?

  3. Anonymous BuzzVines Says:

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  4. Blogger Jasim Says:

    i don't think so , if there is anything exciting ... No doubt kuda ka liya has opened many people eye's ... It is better not talk about it mullah's won't like it ...