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Screw you guys...

In the morning when I was coming to office, I tuned to FM 89 listening to bore songs because somehow I was short of CDs in my dashboard.

I had this urge and I sent the message

"My request is the song 'Complicated' by 'Avril Lavigne' and I dedicate this song to everyone who is involved in the lal masjid controversial issue.

Talha Masood"

And the DJ played the song giving some prequel comments.

That was a nice thing to do.

But really, screw you guys.

Leave my city alone.

Get lost, save Islamabad.

On the latest updates, do check out the Islamabad Metblogs.

“Screw you guys...”

  1. Blogger Asma Says:

    Yehhh ... so i finally (sort of someone) who calls at FM ;-)

    Ameeen ... btw!!

  2. Blogger Asma Says:

    I finally meet **

  3. Blogger Majaz Says:

    So now you know how Karachiites feel every single day.

  4. Blogger Jasim Says:

    it was most worse thing i guess you thought off .. lal issues should nooo more be reminded , let it be past ...