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No more, no more, know more ...

He took his first step on the stairway of life.

The stairway with its first step called who, and second step titled what.

The subsequent steps followed the same labeling algorithm.

Who was odd and what was even.

His whole life lingered on between who he knew and what he knew.

The first step, and the first touch, like all babies who make it to the world was that of his mother. And maybe that was the most potent one as well.

Later, his path to stability was always dependent on those two labels.

To know the whats, one needs to know the people. And to get to the people, one needs to show what one knows.

It is interesting.

Learning can be a scary experience, but the inevitable has to occur. And if one does not know, it can come as a big shock.

But the question still remains.

If there is a last step, is it a who or a what.

My lame guess, what!

“No more, no more, know more ...”

  1. Blogger Talha Masood Says:

    I just realized where did this thought come from. Not totally in that domain, however.