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Some kids fantasized about becoming superman, some spiderman, some hulk.

Not him.

One of his all time favorite fantasy [or you may call it hallucination] was to be told by a doctor that you have a fatal disease like Brain Tumor, like Cancer, anything like that and then to be told that you have only one week or something like that to live.

And then to be given a chance to speak to the world, make a good bye speech.

A speech to shake and wake up the people around. To have the courage to tell the people what he has to tell, before the limited time he has here ends.

But keeping aside the disease part, maybe every other thing is really true.

Used to remind him of the socially rejected person who would laugh when the world cried and cry when the world laughed.

The stupendously strange lone-star who broke his teeth for the one he loved. And his loved one being the center of and the most important personality of the religion Islam.

The one who inherited his loved ones will to make "dua" for his loved ones Ummah.

The one who time remembers by the name of Uwais Qarni.

Interestingly, the thought still lingered on. However not with the same intensity.