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Id crisis?

The search of salvation and perfect harmony starts from the first day .

You are told about God. His wrath and Hell, His blessings and Heaven.

About all goodness belonging to Him and all sins belonging to you.

And then you are let loose into the world with your neck tied with a lash, like a fierce dog who is inherently as cute and innocent as chihuahua and who turns -day by day, breath by breath- into a pit bull, or a rotweiler maybe.

Chaos starts.

You seek God and His words for seeking the path to the eternal salvation.

And there you realize that in one of the most potent verses of Him that He made the antidote of the magic that harms us, humans, He calls Himself "Rab-in-Naas", the "Lord of all mankind".

And then you start looking for perfection in others.

One by one you shatter your own dream of perfection in people. In reality just trying to justify your own weaknesses.

[Trying to follow His orders?]

What does that confusion make one?

His protagonist or His hypocrite?


Iinnalilahewaina ilayhi rajioon!!!

“Id crisis?”

  1. Blogger Barooq Says:

    It was such a promising start
    I was so excited to foresee a fledgling atheist in you and you didn't live upto my great expectations :P

    Denial is often the catalyst for new discovery. Try that :P