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Coming back to life?

Yesterday was an interesting day in my life.

After a long time, I took a detailed walk in my sector.

And in the midst of it, offered Maghrib prayers in Faisal Mosque.

If you have ever been at Faisal Mosque, you must agree with me that the greatest experience there is to offer Maghrib prayers. Because when nature is turning off its lights, the Mosque is turning on itsbeautifully and most aesthetically placed lights.

And it could not be a mere coincidence when the Imam recites: "Fabi ayi ala ir Rabiku ma tukaziban"!

Reminds me of Hazrat Ali RA quote: "When I want to talk with Allah SWT, I pray. When I want Him to talk to me, I recite Quran"

Ah, He surely has his ways to tell us that He knows us better than ourselves!

O God, bless us!!![Amen]

“Coming back to life?”

  1. Anonymous Asma Says:

    do you know this is such a direct from heart post naa ... luvvvd it.

    Since you shaikhified yourself that "I can only draw a pic with lousy words." so the pic was just fine this time ... *imagIne* :P