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Business proposal... :D

Got the following email...

Abacha Court
Gidado road
Kano, Nigeria.


I am (hajia) Maryam Abacha, wife of the late General SaniAbacha,ex-military
head of state of Nigeria who died on 8th of june 1998 of heart attack.Iam
contacting you because of my need to deal with persons whom my family and I
have had no previous personal relationship.Since the death of my husband, my
family has been subjected to all sorts of harassment and intimidations with
lots of negative reports emanating from the government and the press about
my husband.The present government has also ensured that all our Bank
accounts are frozen and all assets siezed. It is in view of this, that i
seek your co-operation and assistance in the transfer of the sum of
US$30m(thirty Million United States Dollars) being the very last of my
family's fund in my possession and control.The federa Government siezed all
our properties and froze all our account locally and Internationally after
the dealth of my husband, but my husband carefully packaged and deposited
with a Diplomatic Courier and Financial Services Company outside Nigeria.

This money was to betransfered into His account in OVERSEAS on His
instructions,but as destiny would have it he died an untimely death.
We therefore need your urgent assistance to clear this money from the
security company and move it to your country for investment into a very
viable business
If you are willing to assist me in clearing and investing this money on our
behalf, please, contact our Lawyer (Barrister William Iweka Chambers &
Associates) E-mail:w_iweka@yahoo.com So that he will know that you are from
me and indicate your interest and endaevour to supply Him with your phone
and fax numbers for easier communication.He will contact you and give you
the deatils and negotiate your reward with you which I can assure you will
be very substantial.

You see I can not deal directly with you because of security reasons. You
have to make sure you inform me about your dealings with the Lawyer via
e-mail. Please ensure to keep this proposal very confidential for obvious
reasons and if you have any questions or anything that you will like to
know, please feel free to ask for anwers.

I await your immediate response.


(Hajia) Maryam Abacha

“Business proposal... :D”

  1. Blogger Asma Says:

    Lolz ... yah I get these abacha and stuff mails a lot too ;)

    I wonder why they want me to inherit all money ... uph I'm so famous :D

    Shooot u r becumin famous too :P