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“Mama, look at the parrots. Aren’t they the cutest?”

“Yes darling, they are very charming”

“But won’t they be sad as they are caged?”

“No darling, they don’t know about the outer world.”

“How can you say that?”

“They have been here since their birth”

“Look, they are looking at us. I think they like us”

“Yeah, they are even chirping with happiness”




“Mama, look at the humans. Aren’t they the cutest?”





  1. Blogger Maria Says:

    dude, what are you upto .. ?

  2. Blogger Asma Says:

    lolz I was abt 2 ask da same wat r u upto??

  3. Blogger Barooq Says:

    your title tell me that, though only at times, you can self anal-yze accurately.
    I have given up the hope of you growing up ;)
    btw, I'd have loved to see my analysis gone wrong, but it didnt again. you fail me when I win :)

  4. Blogger Barooq Says:


  5. Blogger Saira Says:

    lol. Suddenly reminded me of the vampire series by Nora Roberts.