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Abstract [s]crap...

Your only mission in life is to find yourself!

Ever since the formation: day and night, second by second...he was in continuous pursuit to find himself - his real Self. For that, he had to take off the fake masks that he wore knowingly and unknowingly.

With continuous efforts, he peeled off the layers of lust, love, hatred, jealousy, humility, pride, beauty, ugliness and what not. The purpose was to find Himself! Peeling off one layer after another, he could feel that he was coming more and more closer to his reality, his innocent Himself!

Cutting - loosely or forcefully - through impulses, deaths, immunity, sensitivity ... [but not anonymity] he almost got through to the final layer of the onion.

And when he burned and blasted anonymity, he found out that there was nothing there. The beauty, the truth and the realization was only in the layers that he himself hated so much for all others!

He realized, what a fool has he been not to be seduced by all the layers he was passing through when in the end linkin park was just as right as he was wrong.

He repented, and repented, and repented...and then it dawned to him.

It was not the vacuum that was at the core of It, it was the realization[the Soul of the sole gain from the vain pain].

“Abstract [s]crap...”

  1. Blogger Saira Says:

    I completely lost you halfway through that piece. :)